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Leadership Academy

The program was created in partnership with the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program (MBNEP).  It was as designed to empower 14 emerging and/or reluctant leaders living in the MLK community who desired to transform their community from good to great.  The 14 leadership academy participants participated in over 20 two-hour sessions aimed at sharpening their leadership skills, enhancing their effectiveness as team players, improving their communication and conflict resolution skills, identifying community issues and working collaboratively to identify solutions.  They meet on separate occasions with Mayor Sandy Stimpson and Councilman Levon Manzie to discuss leadership and how they could assist them in their efforts to improve the community.  

The group spent four hours with Mobile Police Chief James Barber and designated officers at the Mobile Police Departments Firing Range to improve the lines of communication and relations between the police and citizens.  Participants received classroom instruction on deadly force issues, Firearms Training Simulator, Sniper Demonstration, AK-47 Demonstration, M-4 & MP 5 familiarization, Shooting House SWAT entry live fire, Suitcase bomb & K-9 Demonstration. Chief James Barber met with leadership academy participants and a select group of youth on a separate occasion to inform them of the police departments efforts to combat the youth pipeline to prison epidemic.

Several participants conducted nearly 100 surveys of area residents to determine their satisfaction with conditions within the community relating to flooding, cleanliness, infrastructure, housing and economic opportunities, etc. The group asked 
Mobile Gas to consider incorporating several elements like a splash fountain, walking/running paths and decorative gas light fixtures into the proposed MLK gateway park final design.  After numerous conversations and correspondence, Mobile Gas agreed to consider incorporating feasible elements into Phase II of the project.  

The group participated in a water quality monitoring exercise, received instruction on ecology, access & heritage and climate adaptation and toured Three Mile Creek via pontoon boat.  Once the group understood the importance of the Three MileCreek watershed, it encouraged Councilmembers Manzie and Richardson to cosponsor a resolution to adopt the Three Mile Creek Comprehensive Water Shed Management Plan.  The resolution asked the city to utilize to the plan whenever it undertakes projects within the watershed.  The utilization of the plan in the watershed could aid in the reduction of flooding, climate change impacts and improve water quality.  The adoption of the plan requires no commitment of city funds and makes the city eligible for grants designated for the improvement of watersheds.  The Mobile City Council unanimously approved the adoption of the plan at its November 17, 2015, meeting.

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